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Is A Rail Excursion to Ridge from Willits even feasible?

Saw a question here on the page, and wanted to open it up for discussion.
Is rail biking or even a possible train excursion able to be accomplished from Willits to just before Ridge? 
How badly damaged are the tracks that lead up to Ridge? From what I've seen from 101 it doesn't look too bad, although I would need to look with greater detail into exploring it. 
Also, is this section able to run a speeder?


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At least a couple large and several smaller washouts on the Willits to Ridge section, so no it is not passable.  Same with speeders.  Biggest issue I see with any form of railbikes is the steep grades, very few people are going to want to pedal anything up that grade.  

Now, up around Humboldt Bay, that could be a very natural place for that kind of experience, especially if you could find a decent stretch with no major grade crossings to worry about.  

Jeff Moore

Elko, NV 

I did not know that the tracks up there were that bad. Is this because of the rain in 2005 that caused the washout at Laughlin? Just for the record I would hike that section of track to see it for myself if possible.

Percentage wise what are the steepest grades on the NWP going north? I alway thought most railroads keeped the grade at 2% or less.

I believe it was around 2-3%, I'm not 100% sure.

Thats better than 2% sure LOL! have a good day!

As I remember it, Willits to Ridge was around 1.5% and Laughlin to Ridge came close to 3%.  Towards the end, SP would run 9 loads our of Willits, going south per sd9.  They would double that for empties coming in.  California Northern would run 7 and 14.

Richard A. Custer posted these track profiles over six years ago:

There are five images in all, use the Next button to view.


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