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Saw this on Tosh.0  Can't belive the guy survived

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I have to say that this is dumb..... but I'm laughing so hard i'm crying.  Never in my life as a rail fan have I seen anything like this.  I honestly would have stayed under until the train left.  I like the part where the host says "I think he was born under there"

I watched it four times before posting it. :) Best part is the accent of the guy filming it.

WTF! That happens to be the stupidest guy on earth.

LMFAO, that was good, I'm rolling on the floor "the little idiot that could"

Hahahhaha that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I love idiots.

What a DIP S***   so many bad things to say....

Quote from the video-"I f**kin' imagine you're gonna f**kin' die you're underneath the f**kin' train." Having an idiot buddy tell you to roll out between the wheels doesn't exactly help your odds of survival, either. If he was born there, this must be his brother from another mother- Enjoy!


Zachary M. Toler

Believe it or not, its a commen thing in the US. Starting way back during the Great Depression, homeless who couldn't afford a train ticket would string cots and hamooks down from the underside of passenger and freight cars, sleeping litterly inches from ground rolling at 80 miles an hour.

Good point: See the old movie, Emperor of the North, for scenes of hobos riding the rails and the railroad staff measures to knock the riders from the freight trains.

The word from Jake is that this is a fake. Railroads don't mix grain cars and doublestack in the same train. Then if you look closly at one point his head and the grain car door are both in the same space. If I had the time I would time the distance between wheels when the train is moving and when he rolls out from under the train. They got there 10 minutes of fame. The video is also on youtube.

I was wondering that, I did notice that there was grain in there and thought that was weird. Also the train seemed.....stretched. I doubt anybody could roll out from under a train that fast.

could very well be only an A-hole could remain that calm.


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