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Does anyone know if the NWP had a spur into the quarry, and if so, any pictures, map etc.?

Cheers, David

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NWP definitely did have a spur into the Hutchinson Quarry.  This map, from 1954, shows some of the trackage which I think was still there until the late 1970's:

Thanks Dave! The map is very helpful. Now If I can find out when the quarry opened (will it be period correct for my model) I will be in business. I'll need some photos, but this is most useful.

Regards, David

A couple of photos and some interesting comments here:

Great map! What is your source for the map?


You don't need to download anything ... you can browse and zoom-in on whatever you're interested in, but the user-interface takes a minute or two to master.  A great resource.  I can probably throw out all my 7.5 and 15 minute series USGS maps (except for hiking!).

Start here:

Good stuff! Thanks for the info.


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