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Driving by H & B today on the way to the SMART meeting saw several hoppers sitting at their wye.  Did not have time to count.

I report this because way back maybe last year someone reported that H & B were no longer receiving carloads from NWP.  Definitely not the case now.

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Not sure who said H&B wasn't receiving carloads anymore, but they have never ceased their regular 4-6 cars/week unless maintenance is being performed on their auger. You may be thinking about Willowbrook, which wasn't receiving cars between February 2018 and April 2019, but have now taken in 4 cars in the last month. Also there is no wye, either at H&B or at Willowbrook, but I assume this is a typo.

C P. 

Probaby was WIllowbrook but seeing 2009 parked their in the last 2 weeks and many cars during the heavy rains, assumed incorrectly it was H&B.  Very happy to see they are back receiving carloads and keeping that many trucks off of 101.

By H&B "wye" I meant the switch where 1 segment goes into the elavator and the other to their storage yard.


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