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Hello all.

In the interest of making things easier for people who look at photos you post who don't live in the area you're photographing, I'd like to tell you of a clever device at that will allow anyone who enters the coordinates to be able to see either a topographical map or the Google satellite map of the the area you mark.

If you look in the lower right of the page, you'll see a box with the GPS coordinates of where the center of the marker is, and the relative location of nearby towns.

Of course, the topo maps are useful in themselves of seeing where a lot of old abandoned ROW used to run, as they mark a lot of the old abandoned lines.

For instance, to see the location of the Petaluma and Haystack RR relic photo I recently posted, just type N 38.22119 W 122.60550 in the find box. And, if you look just slightly east of that, you can see where the topo map shows the old ROW of the former SF&NP RR spur to Donohue! Have fun!

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