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Just curious to know how things are now that SMART is up and running and has been operating for a time? I was kind of amused about all the whining and bitching by the anti-SMART complainers but I assume things have calmed down and everyone just accepts things as if they were normal.

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I didn't think SMART would be too successful due to not completing the line all the way to the Larkspur ferry terminal.  I learned from my time at Muni if you don't minimize or make transfers convenient you lose riders.  Anyway a couple of weeks ago I rode SMART from Cotati to San Rafael taking my grandkids for lunch.  Plenty of folks boarded at Cotati and Petaluma for the southbound trip.  The return NB trip in the afternoon (2:30 on the schedule) was standing room only from San Rafael all the way to Petaluma.

  • Funds have been identified to extend the line south from San Rafael to Larkspur with a walk from the end of the line to the ferry terminal.
  • No Tickets have to use Clipper cards which is not ideal for non-commuter or casual riders.
  • I am concerned about the local regulations that prevent the trains from sounding the whistle/horn at grade crossings.

SMART is a welcome addition for transportation options.


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