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On Thursday there were 6 hoppers sitting on the spur at Silveira Ranch road.  Saturday and Sunday only 3 remained.  No sign of a loco when I drove past both days but I did not drive into Petaluma. 

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Today (Tuesday) there was the 1501 loco, one hopper and a Caboose sitting on the spur at the mill/elevator by Ely Road grade crossing.  The grandkids were hungry so I heade home and was unable to get back for photos.  but there is freight operations occurring and a Caboose!

CORRECTION:  It wasn't a covered grain hopper, it was a wood chip car.

You are correct, in my zeal at seeing a caboose I was mistaken.  I was down in Novato this morning (8/1/18) and saw the same train sitting on one leg of the wye.  Locomotive, hopper and caboose.

The hopper in your photo (well not sure of road number as I was driving on hwy 37.   Saw a Herzog hopper sandwich between the locomotive and a caboose. I could not tell if it was loaded or empty.

Last week I went out looking for what I reported earlier seen while driving along Ely Road and the train had moved.  Just by chance saw it again at the wye located between Hwy 37 & Hwy 101.

Jack G./Tommy Tommy/Fred/Whatever your name may be, if I see one more spate of comments from you like those in this or other recent threads I will unceremoniously flush you from the very bowels of the network for the third or fourth time in as many years (the preceding was a nod to your love of stilted prose) and will never again let anyone join with a Gmail (your preferred spoofing provider, clearly) or any other web services email address.  Seriously, there must be a better use of your time and talent than the thinly veiled attacks you sometimes share here.  Regards,

Mark D.

Questioning the need for Cloverdale rail is a topic of legitimate concern here -- just approach it in a civil way and with a forum post, which others are free to ignore if they are not interested.  Numerous related status updates merely serve to dilute the activity feed, as you well know.

Mark D.

Would a Herzog hopper be able to go South of Igancio?  I thought the clearance with the platforms didn't allow for freight movements.  If there's a hopper with ballast in it, it's not for the track construction in San Rafael.  Or if it is, Herzog would have to transload it by truck to the site.  Could there be track construction going on somewhere other than San Rafael?

Didn't mean to cause a ruckus.  It was emblazoned with HERZOG on the side, if I didn't have my grandkids would have stopped for a photo.  Both times.

 The smart website says the Windsor extension is "fully funded and under construction".

Apparently it can go south of Ignacio based on photos posted today on AP. 


The Associated Press is now covering SMART/NWP????  Wow.  When did you see it listed and can you post a URL?

But to he subject of my original post subject, on Wednesday when I was driving north about 1, I saw 1501 and some hoppers sitting at the wye.  Was driving a large truck so could not count the cars.


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