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Driving out on 37 this AM say 8 or 9 hoppers sitting without a loco at the Ignacio wye.  Then coming back saw 5 hoppers left on the spur next to the land fill north of Novato.

No SMART in sight but lots of activity on the new RoW renovation south of San Rafael on the Larkspur extension..

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1501 is parked at willow brook feed. No cars on their spur."

when i was in novato hosp monday night nwp 1501 went by at 9 pm with 6 cars and came back at midnight i do not have the empty count as i was in ICU .

Mr. Illich:

Did I read that right?  You were hospitalized in the ICU Monday and you still had the capacity to train spot?  Holy cow!  That's NWP dedication!

Hope you are getting better this week.

one of the members of GSMRM  in N scale pt Richmond

works for nwp and i had gone by and counted the cars at 37 -101 on sat

he was talking that they run on monday i could here the train go by then come back

i only live of of midway and Cambridge so when im out and about i swing by to see what is sitting off of Marsh rd

Recovering from a fast beating Heart

David i


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