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I have an undecorated HO scale model of a GP38-2 that I would like to paint, detail and add sound to this summer. I've chosen to paint it in SMART colors as number 100. I think I'm going to go with this paint scheme but if anyone has any suggestions on anything I could change I'm open to ideas.This model was made on a computer and isn't fully detailed. Hope to hear your feedback!

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Looks nice.  Have you tried silver or grey trucks?

I totally forgot about this discussion... Heres the model in its current state:Needs quite a bit of touch up and then I can install sound, lights and details. i have a fourm on Diesel Detailer if anyone wants to follow the progress closer:

Nice job.  Can't wait to see the final product. 

You've made a heck of a great start.  'Looking forward to seeing the completed model.  Super neat project Nico!

Awesome! I hand-drew a B&W picture of a SMART F40PH when I was bored in class in high school. What computer program is that?

This is a game called Gary's Mod. I am using mods as well.


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