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Guess who I saw in Sacramento today (11/12/10)...

NWP 112 is now in the main exhibit hall at CSRM. For serious. I don't have any photos of her to post as all I had was my cell phone and for some reason my computer doesn't want to accept files from it. Maybe someone else can get photos of her, as I won't be back in Sac anytime soon.

Back to 112, she's looking pretty good. Paint is peeling on one of the domes, but is in otherwise good condition. 112 is the only locomotive on display with footboards, and the museum staff was allowing people to stand on them for photos. As a result, 112 was the second most popular photo spot in the museum (the first being the Cab Forward's cab). Many groups of schoolkids swarmed the lone NWP survivor for photos during my visit. I touched her. It felt good. I know I'm weird.

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Thanks for the update, she's a beautiful locomotive. I remember seeing her in Schellville back in the 1950's when she was in transit somewhere and the paint job was still bright. Made a lasting impression as that was some 60 years ago. Bob B


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