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Hello all. I'm Drew. I joined because I have an interest in the history of railroading in the Bay Area. Some of you are aware of me due to someone posting the video I made of the ghost town Wingo. Thanks for the nice comments. Just  a short history of myself. I moved out here in '98 from Maine. A couple of years ago, I ran across Greg Harrisons web site while researching railroads, and submitted an old photo I had of a long gone railroad bridge in Farmington Maine. From that point, I caught the bug, and started digging into the local history, and photographing any abandoned lines in the area, in particular Marin and Sonoma, what with its interesting history. I moved down here to Los Angeles a few months ago, but, my interest continues. There was much more history up there that I wanted to photograph and document but it will have to wait for now. I've been enjoying your excellent photo selection here. Thanks.


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