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drove through Shellville yesterday and the entire field to the west of 8th St is being graded with heavy equipment.  Is this first stage of the move for 2472 and friends?

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I thought they's run her up to Santa FE as there is passenger service from south of ABQ at Belen to Santa FE "The RailRunner" $1.00 each way for seniors on Weds. Financially they are in trouble and talk is about shutting down the service, as ridership is down and they never have been profitable, working of taxpayer monies, so some are calling to eliminate it.

But they told me the name of another town they plan on running to if they can operate under the insurance from Amtrak, they can't afford the insurance other wise. The guy giving us the tour mentioned something about not being able to cross a certain bridge somewhere maybe that was on the route to Santa Fe? Next time we visit the restoration shop I'll try to get more info!

Is that "other town" you mention here Lamey which is the historic ATSF junction from the East-West mainline into the town of Santa Fe?  Last I heard though was that there was a bridge on the Santa Fe Southern line from Santa Fe to Lamey that washed out frequently.  Might be the same one which could have shut down the SF Southern.

I took the Rail Runner several times but the last time about 3 years ago, it took so longer to get from Albuquerque to Santa Fe that I was bummed. My brother who lived in Santa Fe said that residents who lived along the line and who as tax payers demanded that the train stop in their small towns along the way which slowed down the trip to Santa Fe even though on my last ride there were no passengers at the many new stops.

Classic New Mexico problems.

Enjoy, Richard

Not sure about the town Lamey "sounds familiar" though, the guy giving us the tour (retired doctor) said there is an issue with weight and one of the volunteers was member of a fire dept somewhere on the line that will fill the water tender after the bridge has been crossed. Will get better details the next time we visit the shop though.


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