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drove through Shellville yesterday and the entire field to the west of 8th St is being graded with heavy equipment.  Is this first stage of the move for 2472 and friends?

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Exciting news!  Thanks for sharing!

I drove through this Saturday and saw the same thing. My dad who is fairly familiar with that road said it's most likley flood protection because of all the ditches but the land closer to the NWP HQ and the Santa Rosa branch looks like its being leveled.

A new winery?

I'm pretty sure that spot of land was where GGRM is setting up home.  It was either shared here or on one of the other sites or both.  

This is called Victory Station. It will be a American Canyon-style distribution center for Sonoma area wine industry. Labels, bottles, packaging, wine, all that stuff will lease space here. As Sonoma turns to wine biz, the wine biz turns to warehousing.
No mention of rail service (it's already right there and a spur could be built for practically nothing) - hate to think what a mess 25 loading docks will make of route 121 and 8th street in/out of Sonoma.

I swore that was the spot GGRM was going.  Oh well, anyone know where they will be?  I did notice in the second picture of the article that there will be new track laid for the warehouse. Looks like box cars will be back 

I stand corrected - they *do* have plans to extend tracks into/beside the facility. Good business switching those out.


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