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I was reading this article about the UP leaving caltrain. I personally think that if it could turn a profit, NWP would be a great operator.

What do you think?


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This would literally be right in the front yard of the NWP corporate headquarters in Palo Alto.  I'll bet John is working on that and the NWP already must have a coop agreement with UP

The NWP would be a welcome addition to our neighborhood.

The irony of the NWP coming back to San Francisco and returning some red and grey diesels to the peninsula. That would be great if they did. Be like establishing a beach-head on the UP occupied Southern Pacific system.

This is starting to feel like SP reborn...The Redwood Empire Strikes Back INDEED!

The one thing I don't understand on this article is why change the grade? Tracks are already in place. I'll have to check with my Caltrain connections to find out the reasoning  behind this.


This is complicated due to the Cal High Speed Rail project.

The at-grade crossings have to be changed to over or under due to a couple of things that will increase train frequency on the Caltrain RoW where there have been an excessive number of suicides and accidents.  One of the reasons already funded is the Caltrain electrification project which will increase the number of trains by up to 20%.

But the biggest reason is due to a very myopic decision made in San Jose to bring the Cal High Speed trains into San Jose via a $$$$$$$$$ tunnel and new RoW thru the Hecker Pass south of Gilroy and then up the Caltrain RoW thru all of the Peninsula cities.  The better and definitely less expensive option is to bring the HSR trains into the Bay Area via the existing RoW over the Altamont Pass, then over a renovated Dumbarton rail bridge and up the Peninsula north from Redwood City.  This could eliminate the need to renovate the existing at-grade crossings mentioned in the article.  With the existing route choice thru Hecker Pass into San Jose, one of the HSR options necessitates 4 tracks thru Palo Alto and Menlo Park.  Therefore at-grade is no longer an option.

You can thank the HSR No. Calif team for exploiting your tax dollars and electing to build a whole new RoW including a 10+ mile tunnel thru a seismically active area.

Mark you may want to comment as your city is also affected by the HSR route choice.  


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