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FRA notified SMART this afternoon that Petaluma’s Quiet Zone has been nullified.

Smart update

FRA notified SMART this afternoon 5-1-17 that Petaluma’s Quiet Zone has been nullified. SMART will resume blowing the horn at crossings in Petaluma as required by federal law.

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This doesn't necessarily mean that Petaluma can't re-apply for the QZ after testing has been completed.  I think that's why the FRA shut it down, since testing has not completed.  No problem having QZ in public crossings if in the operational phase.

The FRA was clearly just trying to find something to nullify the quiet zone and establish the horn rule again until testing is complete. I expect to see the quiet zone return by the end of the year.

Does anybody know why SMART apparently has not tuned their horns?  Remember "Chewbaca?"  Some of their horns that I hear really are annoying, not so much because of the volume, but because of the tone. 

It's to keep it right at the sound limits so people don't complain

Good.  Sometimes the gates don't work.  I was at Corona grade crossing and the gates were down but did not hear SMART coming.


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