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Hello, Does anyone have any information on the line between Fort Seward and South Fork? I am planning a multi-day bicycle expedition through Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity Counties, and was thinking of incorporating this section or at least a portion of it into my route. I am mostly wondering how overgrown it is. I don't mind pushing the bike for miles on end, as long as I don't have to cut my way through.



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As for walking Fort Seward to South Fork would be fine, but north of there the tracks were historically sounded by trees, I would defiantly say that there would be some issues with a bike... a lot of trees have let their off spring venture on to the row and let them become adolescents... : 0   If I can recall that stretch from a few years ago, you would run into a few good sections, then a wall of trees for the rest. It was an easy walk if you didn't mind the shrubbery.

Thanks for the information, Michael. I'm thinking we may stay on the row until Whitlow, then head over the hill on pavement. The corridor looks pretty open on Google Earth, but I'm sure the bushes may be thick.



It really all depends on the season, and how much of the sun shines on the row... I think if that is your path, you should be pretty good to go. What kind of bike do you use. I just bought a Trek Superfly FS, and have thought of using it to explore the ROW my self, but haven't done too much research yet on what path to take...

My touring machine is an old Salsa La Cruz cyclocross bike with racks and panniers. I can run 40 cm tires on it, which makes it pretty cushy, but I would imagine that a full suspension mtb would be the perfect choice bouncing over the ties.

Would be interested to know more about your plans, Jason.  I hope to do a bike tour through the same counties in a few years, perhaps sooner, but other than traveling along the coast on my way north (from the Bay Area, where I now live) I haven't done much research about the best route south, one which avoids highways as much as possible.  Hope you have a great trip!  Regards,

Mark D.


Our current plan is a multi-day trip starting and ending in Leggett. Beginning east on 271 then north on Bell Springs Road, we will be connecting the dots between Harris, Zenia, Mad River, Bridgeville, Blocksburg, Fort Seward, Eel Rock (by way of the row), Meyers Flat, Weott, Honeydew, Whitethorn, Usal, and back to Leggett.

As far as routes other than the coast for traveling south back to the bay, I know the options are pretty limited. There are some great roads with monster climbs between Alderpoint and Round Valley, via Zenia and Kettenpom. Services are extremely limited back there. From Round Valley/Covelo, you can peal off Hwy. 162 onto Dos Rios Road and head into Laytonville.  Sherwood Road runs from just south of Laytonville into Willits. Again no services. Tomki Road is an alternative that can get you from Willits to Redwood Valley. From there surface streets can be taken into Ukiah, then Eastside road to Hopland, and Mountain House Road from Hopland to Hwy. 128 to Cloverdale. Once into Sonoma County there are plenty of options to get you south into Marin and then to the city.

My guess is that route through southwestern Trinity and eastern Mendocino Counties would add at least a couple of days onto a trip.




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