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According to this map, fire has already crossed over the SMART ROW and is very close to the Fulton Operations Center:

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It goes without saying that we all sincerely hope that none of you or anyone in your lives have been touched by these horrific fires.

Yes, but it's not actively burning there. That area burned early Monday morning, probably around 1:00 or 2:00 AM, I believe. Accurate, reliable, information is really hard to get up here. Ordinary communications are down I wide areas. No electricity, no landline or cellular phone service. You can't believe much of what is on social media. I've followed it closely, as we are northwest of Petaluma and due East of Penngrove. I've not heard anything about any damage to the SMART Ops Center, although, as the map indicates, a fair bit of ROW ran through the burned out area. That area near the SMART ROW is where all the tract homes burned to the ground. It was an urban area, not wildland interface or rural. The firestorm Sun-Mon blew through there like a giant blowtorch. Everything is pretty much totally destroyed, but SMART got lucky, I believe.


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