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Well folks, the feds have decided it's time to build high-speed rail, and they're coming through with billions for high-speed rail development. California was the big winner, with $2.35 billion and the largest slice of the HSR pie:

• $2.25 billion for high speed rail funding in the SF-SJ, Merced-Fresno-Bakersfield, and LA-Anaheim corridors, as well as for Phase I planning. There is some debate about whether these are
specifically programmed to each corridor, or whether Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger and/or the CHSRA will determine the final allocations.

• $99.4 million for other passenger rail projects, including:

Capitol Corridor-South Terminal Station Improvement
Capitol Corridor-YoloXover (Yolo West Crossover)
Capitol Corridor-Track Relocation
Pacific Surfliner -Railroad Crossover Program
Pacific Surfliner – Oceanside Stub Project 1
Pacific Surfliner Corridor-MOW Spurs
Los Angeles to Fullerton Triple Track
Pacific Surfliner Corridor-PE NEPA Ortega
Pacific Surfliner -Corridor Strategic Assessment
Rolling Stock-Locomotive Emissions Upgrade (including San Joaquins)
Rolling Stock-Cab Car Bicycle Storage

But lots of other projects around the country are also getting funded:

$600 million for Pacific Northwest rail, including bypasses (presumably Point Defiance) to help the Amtrak Cascades achieve 150mph service

$4 million for Texas, for grade crossing improvements in Austin and Fort Worth

$17 million for Iowa, for BNSF crossovers

$400 million for Ohio, specifically for the Cleveland-Columbus-Cincinnati corridor.

$1.13 billion for Chicago-St. Louis-Kansas City

$800 million for Minneapolis-Milwaukee-Chicago

$244 million for Pontiac-Detroit-Chicago

$620 million for Charlotte-Raleigh-Richmond-DC

$1.25 billion for Florida

$485 million for HSR in Northeast Region and $706 million for Amtrak stimulus funding, for a number of different corridors from DC to Maine to Montreal.

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It's too bad SMART wasn't greased to the tune of about $155M -- even Iowa got $17M. Regards,

Mark D.
Even Texas got $4 million! About $4 million more than they should have gotten.


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