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Eel River Corridor Possibly Converted to Hiking Trail

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Very interesting article.  Thanks for posting!

As I've said many times, it would be great to have that rail line restored, but it will not happen unless there's a strong forest products renaissance.  That could and eventually should happen, but it's not in our foreseeable future.

The cost to pull out all the track and ties and "railbank" this route would be phenomenally expensive, let alone costs to build a safe multi-use pathway upon it.  Early proposals call for partially rebuilding the line, just so that it could be pulled out.  Now, with so many slides preventing access, isolated sections would only be reachable by via tricky helicopter maneuvers.  $$$$$

The NWP Eel River segment has been at an environmental, commercial, and civic stalemate for at least two decades and I predict it will continue to decay.  Most regrettable.


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