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at Coffey and West Steele lanes. 

The call came in to dispatchers at 3:55 p.m. from a police officer responding to the incident. The cyclist’s condition was unknown.

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That didn't take long...

Well, we don't know what really happened.  Were the gates down when the cyclist crossed the track?  An investigation will be done, but the results are often not newsworthy so we might never hear a public announcement on this accident.

I should expect that there are forward facing cameras in those DMUs, but we may never see the video.

The cyclist could be seriously injured.  Let's hope not.  SMART wants to operate at very high speeds.  If there are more of these accidents they may be forced to slow down, affecting ridership.

...Smart post
the cyclist was wearing headphones and talking on the phone and did not notice the crossing arms were down and that the train was coming. Please be alert and aware near all tracks and trains. Thank you...


You have called it as the media is reporting.  Anyone who is riding a bicycle with earbuds is riding illegally as having ones hearing impaired by "headphones" which includes earbuds is in violation of the law. 

I don't know the age of the cyclist but I see too many young people "zoned out" with ear pieces.

More news:

This crossing was a "quiet zone", but the train operator sounded the horn when he saw the bicyclist in his path.

Updated article in the SRPD:

Two additional photos that I don't think were there yesterday.

The kid (19 years old) will survive, but no helmet, and apparently no brains.

He's lucky to be alive and I'm glad the engineer didn't have to deal with a situation that could have been much worse.

Wondering if SMART/NWP does any Operation Lifesaver presentations?  The incident is a teachable moment.


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