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I was curious if it would benefit any potential customers who would not receive enough product to warrant using rail if they would possibly team up with another company in the area to order enough product to make rail a viable option? Maybe a roofing company ordering shingles or a lumber company with lumber?? I see multiple truck loads of the same materials going to different businesses and wonder if it could be a missed opportunity for a rail car and then offload it to local trucks at a trans load site for distribution. I was just curious if this model would possibly save businesses money doing it this way?



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Smart is suppose to be able to install switches for free for 20 customers. Shouldbe pretty straight forward but iI'm sure SMART would make it difficult.

None of these spurs were active, so there wasn't any need for SMART to pay for the switches.  If any of these businesses decides to ship by rail, SMART will install the switch at no cost (as Carl mentioned). 

A lot of what you mention is already being done by CFNR at a transload facility in American Canyon.

Also, a significant amount of freight these days moves via intermodal rather than via rail cars direct to the customer. A lot of rail shippers who previously received boxcars all over NorCal now truck their products to UP's Lathrop Intermodal Facility or BNSF's Stockton Intermodal Facility. I would imagine a lot of businesses in NWP territory do the same.

I wonder if it would be more efficient to have a trans load facility in Sonoma county and trucked a shorter distance?

I agree Jelani.

  Actually you can answer that one yourself......  Get all of the different companies that want to team up for shipping together, coordinate all of the products to be shipped, coordinate the shipping times, the loading areas, the transportation of goods to the loading docks....then coordinate with the railroad what times are available for delivery, unloading or loading, and connections with other railroads beyond the NWP, and where to deliver said car (destination) for loading or unloading.  Again, coordinate with the receiving outfits the times said car will arrive destination,...which also has to be hammered out.  After you do all of that, figure out shipping fees and rates and how do divide it out to each individual company........And....if you are not in the mood to do all of this, hire a trucking line to haul your product from point A to point B.'s your call now....   it was a good thought....keep the grey matter stirring!   All the Best........J  B RioGrande

i agree with you carl its a good idea


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