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While passing through Schellville today, I noticed several stacks of new railroad ties, several stacks of concrete crossing panels, and at least two new concrete gate bases.  These were all neatly stacked next to the 8th Street crossing in Sonoma.  Is this crossing being rebuilt as part of the GGRM move, or are the supplies for a different project?

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I would guess that they are for GGRM as they would need projection moving their equipment across 8th st. The current crossing looks pretty beat up. I wonder if this is contributing to the move delay.

Here's the status of the GGRM site as of 2018-April, including photos of the 8th Street crossing and equipment.  (Making a mental note to get out there again and take new photos.)

Re-activating that crossing makes sense as the GGRM will likely need to switch back and forth over 8th Street, possibly with passengers.

There seems to be a strong emphasis in California for updated grade crossing protection whenever any rail investment is made.  That is perhaps why California has statistically fewer rail accidents compared to other states.

I knew I should've taken some photos!  Next time I'm up that way, I'll take some photos and post them here.


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