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Thanks Sean for posting the link to this awesome video.  I did not realize that the RoW was so close to the riverbed in some places.  

Yes, this is an awesome video!

Most NWP fans know that the railroad clings to the side of the geologically unstable Eel River Canyon walls for about 100 miles.  Floods, slides, and sinks have caused numerous costly line closures and derailments over the years.  It is really unfortunate that this route was chosen to the redwoods as it was a maintenance headache since the very beginning.  In fact the opening of the line was delayed (six months?) due to slides caused by typical winter rainfall.

Today, I don't believe there's even one mile of railroad through the Canyon that is relatively intact and merely overgrown with weeds.  So many washouts and slides have obliterated this route.  Here are examples from 8 years ago.  Things are far worse now:

I still hope that logging will resume in N. California one day, and the NWP brought back to life through the Canyon to support it, but there is a lot of opposition, both in terms of the cost/business case, and from environmental extremists.

Highly recommended reading:

The date stamp on many of those photos in the album linked in my message above shows they were taken in 2007.  So these are views of conditions from ten years ago.

Google Maps/Earth is a great resource to view more recent conditions of the line.  Example:

video doesn't even give error sign doesn't even work. Will look for it elsewhere and there go my ad dollars

Mr. Haines:

This video also works for me.

Note:  this website does not host video content, this is a Facebook video.  If your browser is blocking applicable scripts you will not see this video.  Test your browser on Facebook first.

Likewise for your trouble with the YouTube video, ensure that you can go to YouTube and view videos there.

Mr. S------? Thank you for the information. I was not aware of that. Considering that you are preferring formal address, what is your last name please so I can reciprocate the formalities?

Thank you, sir.


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