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Have not been able to access this site on my desktop or ipad last few days. Only my phone on 3g. Anyone else having problems?

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We've had about five Comcast (and only Comcast) subscribers report this issue over the past year or so -- no other ISP has been affected, far as I know.  I'm pretty sure it's either a Comcast DNS issue or one with the users' router firewall, though I cannot be sure.  I've sent email to Comcast about this but because I am not a subscriber of that ISP they pretty much scoff in my general direction.  If you are seeing this issue please let Comcast know about it, and be sure to mention that is URL forwarded to, where Ning provides the platform for our network.  The more people that report the issue, the better the chance we'll get a resolution.  Regards,

Mark D.

Thanks Mark. I just spoke with Comcast Tech Support and gave them all the details, including the URL forwarding part. While the tech guys investigate, they recommend we Comcast subscribers send e-mails to:
For consistency sake, I suggest we add the following to the header subject box: CONNECTION PROBLEM TO: NWPRR.NET"
The more e-mails they receive, the better chance we have for action, especially if it's a blocking issue. I just sent mine...


Well.  Changed my DNS to another account I have, and this seems to work just fine.

Possible Firefox access solution follows. I was alerted to this problem by my grandson. First, the issue does not appear to be comcast-related, as I had Comcast friends and relatives successfully connect. I'm not a techie, but it seemed to me if only some people were having the problem, who happened to be Comcast customers, that didn't mean  it was a Comcast issue, but possibly internet settings-related. I unchecked the box for "block reported attack sites" and was able to find the site and ask to join. However, after the approval email came in, and I tried to again reach the site, Firefox said "cannot find server". So, I went to the "history" list and clicked on the button for the successful access I had. That's an odd path but it worked. I have not yet found any custom adjustments to IE internet security that work. I'm a PC user. I suggested to my grandson member that he and his mother find out  how to fiddle with the Mac settings. No word yet. Good luck to all.

I updated this on my mac.  As of now the site is loading, but we'll see how it goes...  It seems to be a sporadic problem, so hard to diagnose. 

Gahh I feel stranded! I still can't get on, called and email Comccast near a week ago, still nothing is resolved. My school blocks out most of this site So I can only get on once a week. Is anyone else still having problems?
Zach, I tried your Firefox theory and Internet Explorer and they both don't work.
I have tried using my iPad, Mac, Windows, and iPod. Nothing.

 I'm still having trouble connecting to this site.

Sounds like a Comcast issue then. My ISP is Suddenlink, and they have issues sometimes, but clearly not as much as Comcast does.


Zachary M. Toler

Still not working for me. I got on for a few minutes a couple days ago but since then it has only been loading on my phone.
Mark, can you host the site somewhere else or do u not have control over that?
Not working for me either this week. I do get email notifications to my Comcast inbox everytime this particular discussion thead is updated with new replies...which means the function has no problem connecting with me.

My Mac-user G'dtr could not access the site here at our Comcast-connected home, even while I was able to connect by clicking on a link in the history list (Firefox). I successfully pinged it and subsequently read a post on Ning (the host) that perhaps points to some issues pertaining to Ning's change of IP addresses not so long ago. There may be some glitch in required (or auto) changes made when that address changed. The post is titled "Important Change for Domain-Mapped Ning Networks". Maybe someone with tech skills should look at that angle.


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