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Hi everyone,

It never ceases to amaze me to see how much phenomenal knowledge some of you have about railroads and the history of individual locomotives. Especially you younger guys. At 35 years of age I feel like I'm getting old and I always assume teenagers these days are only into twittering, Justin Beeber, spacebook and flat brimmed hats with the sticker left on them, haha. I can honestly say there are only two things that I have been obsessed with my entire life. Since I was a little kid I've always loved fishing and trains. And the best part is that I only grow more interested as I get older. But I digress...

So I just started working at a new project and my commute now takes me through American Canyon. I've always been somewhat interested in the CFNR and I've seen all of their green/yellow locos, especially when I used to work in Woodland. But I saw one the other day I had never seen before. Today as I drove north on 29 I kept a sharp eye out for her. I saw her stopped on the tracks and I quickly turned right at a stoplight and went down a short street that terminated at an industrial area. I quickly realized this was a CFNR facility. I had no idea it was there! So CFNR 501 was backing some cars into a shed and I was able to snap a couple of photos of her as she backed up. The photo isn't great, but I'm wondering if any of you know the history of this particular locomotive. Is she new to the CFNR family? I know there is an unofficial CFNR site with a roster but it hasn't been updated in years as far as I can tell. Thanks in advance!

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Wasn't Colby Caillat (sp) a myspace find as well? Only a small few that I am aware of. Maybe we can start a website called MyShower and my singing will become famous! :)

Yeah, I think so. Not too many others, though. Only problem with a site called MyShower is how to keep a guy like Antony Weiner off of it! He over-exposes himself enough, hehe!


Zachary M. Toler

To be honest, MyShower is a million dollar idea...

“Who the Hell is Justin Beaver?”-quote from the ‘Old Man’ on Pawn Stars :-) There are some funny Utube videos of 'Hitler' ordering the killing of Justin Bieber, then going to war with the "United Bieber Fever Alliance," made up entirely of screaming preteen girls! It's one of many parodies of the movie "Downfall." I gotta agree, Chad, who uses Twitter? No offense to those who do, but it seems like a passing fad, IMHO. Those hats with the stickers on could be easier to steal, as you can say that tag is "just my style, man!" when a clerk wants to know if you bought said hat. They seem associated with the "Thug Life" scene, along with those pants on the ground. A couple Fortuna Police and I had a good laugh about these neighborhood punks who really needed to either get a belt or maybe a pair of those tight pants. The officers said they told these kids "if they pulled those pants up, they could run faster from us!" LMFAO!


Zachary M. Toler

My friend who's a police explorer had a call where a guy took off from them running. He had a legit chance of getting away but his saggy pants fell down to his ankles, he tripped, and slammed his head down on the curb, knocking him unconscious.
There is actuly a reason for baggy pants that I'm sure not a lot of people know about.
But let's get back onto the train topics haha

Good stuff guys. For a while I was thinking about starting a tweetface account but then I realized that, The Red Bandit is heading northbound into P-town with ten grain cars! probably wouldn't attract many followers.

Twitter would be awesome in this instance. I cant get on my phone, but I can get twitter. A UP and BNSF railfan group have a twitter, and they use code words to keep it short. Maybe Mark Drury would be interested in starting a twitter or facebook page for the group. 

I could have sworn that when you post "activity" on the main page it gives you an option to tweet the message. I just tried it and I must be mistaken, although it does limit you to 140 characters like twitter. That's funny that you mention a BNSF and UP twitter option. I love them both but the fact that they are so big and prevalent almost makes them boring. Seriously? Z train leaving Long Beach harbor! Umm... yeah...nobody cares. It happens all day long. Obviously we love our new little shortline because we're local and it's sentimental to us, but the fact that they have only two locos and such a small amount of activity is what makes it exciting.

I should have been more specific, although I agree haha. There's a twitter for small towns and good railfanning spots, that give an hour to 15 minute heads up for trains. One example I remember seeing was Graeagle, California, where a friend of my family lives.
They use a system of spotters and railfans, much like we do on this site.

I guess there's a lot more BNSF/UP fans than NWP fans...


Zachary M. Toler


I think you used to be able to Tweet the status updates here, but it was disabled recently along with the "like/share on Facebook" buttons.


Zachary M. Toler


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