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Hi everyone,

It never ceases to amaze me to see how much phenomenal knowledge some of you have about railroads and the history of individual locomotives. Especially you younger guys. At 35 years of age I feel like I'm getting old and I always assume teenagers these days are only into twittering, Justin Beeber, spacebook and flat brimmed hats with the sticker left on them, haha. I can honestly say there are only two things that I have been obsessed with my entire life. Since I was a little kid I've always loved fishing and trains. And the best part is that I only grow more interested as I get older. But I digress...

So I just started working at a new project and my commute now takes me through American Canyon. I've always been somewhat interested in the CFNR and I've seen all of their green/yellow locos, especially when I used to work in Woodland. But I saw one the other day I had never seen before. Today as I drove north on 29 I kept a sharp eye out for her. I saw her stopped on the tracks and I quickly turned right at a stoplight and went down a short street that terminated at an industrial area. I quickly realized this was a CFNR facility. I had no idea it was there! So CFNR 501 was backing some cars into a shed and I was able to snap a couple of photos of her as she backed up. The photo isn't great, but I'm wondering if any of you know the history of this particular locomotive. Is she new to the CFNR family? I know there is an unofficial CFNR site with a roster but it hasn't been updated in years as far as I can tell. Thanks in advance!

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Ooops, I didn't upload the photo into the body of the message. Let's try this again....

it is an NRE genset, it a four others for a total of five now make up the CFNR roster. The gensets replaced the 14 GP15-1s with the execption of three on of which is 112 I can't remeber the other two. The 3 GP15s were kept for when the gensets break down (as evidenced by 2009, which I heard breaks down the least of all gensets).


Mike Davis


Thanks Mike. Great knowledge!

looked her up on loco found no listing

here what i have found

Thanks David!

When I was working in Tracy California I regularly saw these genset locos. They have the old west side line down to Los Banos I believe. Maybe that is their regular haunt?

You might be right. I don't get over to the Napa Junction area too much these days but all the CFNR locos I have seen have been the blue electromotives or the green/yellow/white paint schemes. This girl was new to me.

Here's a roster

Zachary M. Toler

Sorry man, twitter hasn't been popular since last year, No sane teenager is into Justin Bieber, he's more 7 year old girl speed. Flat brimmed hats are coo dawg. Sticker 'n all man. :D

Also, myspace isn't popular anymore.

You guys are hilarious. Also, I forgot to mention "skinny jeans."

With the sole exception of Taylor Swift, has anyone become really famous/successful because of MySpace? Utube's where it's at now, man.


Zachary M. Toler


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