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I know that the NWP doesnt operate 7 days a week (I've heard 3 days only) but what days are those and at what time do they run? I need to get out and see some action with 1501 and 2009.

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This may not be much help but 2009 usually gets to Petaluma around 9:30 - 10:00PM on Sunday and Wednesday nights. 1501 doesn't run as much probably due to the lack of PTC.

Thanks for the info! I'll go check it out.

Unless your into night photos, you wont see much of the NWP operating in the daylight hours on the mainline to Petaluma. Usually the crew goes on duty around 430 PM at Ignacio, for the run to Schellville/Lombard then back to Ignacio and they sit there until "SMART Control" lets them on the Mainline Sub to Petaluma, by then, its dark out 99% of the time.

Alright, thanks! I'll see if I can get any night photos...


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