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This was a collection I had read about years ago, but never heard of anyone that had them.  Does anyone here have them?  Are they any good?  If so, any idea where to get them?


I converted my old Pentrex California Northern VHS tape over to DVD, and plan on doing the same with the Pentrex NWP VHS, and the CWRR VHS too.  Just thought, it might be good to do a whole shootin' match at once.

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I had the fortune to be at the Pentrex business in Pasadena when I was dropping off a co-worker at a cash and carry nearby, and there were people there fixing their roof. They said that they are going through their old stock of VHS titles and converting them into DVD and they said that they will be getting around to the Cal Northern video shortly.

I helped someone convert their Cal Northern VHS tape into DVD also.

I found a copy of Pentrex' NWP DVD at a model train store in Culver City.


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