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OK here is another crazy idea brought to you by Carl Oconnor... Auto carriers on the NWP?? Why could cars built in america not be shipped to Windsor to be offloaded onto trucks and taken to local dealerships??? Am I nuts or would this make sense.

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Auto dealers buy from a factory pool. The bigger the pool the cheaper the price. Not feasable for local dealerships and manufacturers. The pools are near the heavely populated areas. East bay, Soth bay, and Peninsula.

If there was a transload facility that serviced more than just autos it *might* make sense but as J Sebastien points out the economies of scale are simply not present anywhere on the NWP. Most autos go to more centralized distribution points servicing a certain number of units/dealers at a time.

My father told me they used to unload cars from boxcars onto the freight dock in Sonoma in the mid 50's.  I asked Paul Norrbom who is the grandson of the Sonoma Chevrolet dealer  about that, and he said he had pictures somewhere of that, with his father in it.  I will try to get him to look for it so I can post it here. Until this post came up, I had forgotten the story.

I'm sure the archive would be happy to have copies :)

I had forgotten about the 50' Double Door Auto Box cars. SP ran these to haul not just autos but lots of other commodities (read lumber) over the NWP. Photos of the process below of Nash, Desoto etc. I would think anywhere with a team track back in the day could have handled this. Pretty neat to consider.


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