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This just showed up a couple of hours ago on the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Thought someone might be interested.

Auction of rail cars draws few bidders

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Well, the good news is, they aren't going anywhere any time soon; they also have escaped the scrapper's torch, for now. It's too bad they can't go somewhere like Niles Canyon or the NWP Historical Society, but it's no small task to move a rail car via trailer. I'd love to put money towards preserving one, but where do you store a 60+ foot long passenger car? (And still be able to move it by rail in the future?) Does anyone know what it would take?
I wonder what it would take to get these overhauled enough for commuter duty...they worked fine back when the SP was running commuter trains around the Bay Area. Couldn't one potentially remove a few rows of seats for wheelchairs, bikes, etc.? I guess they aren't fit for high-speed service without a major rebuild...


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