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At Petaluma Bridge this morning 4/3/18 about 0930

I was driving NB on HWY 101 through the narrows this morning and paced a NB SMART Train from the overcrossing to Burdell.  The consist was a three car train.  It was one half in the lead with what would be the mid section facing the front of a normal 2 car consist.  Looked like three F units.  There would not have been away for passengers to pass through from the front car to the next car.  I lost site of train at about the dump facility.

Exiting Hwy 101 at Lakeville at the bottom of the ramp across Lakeville Hwy by the Marina was a SB train of the normal 2-car consist and on the second track the other half of the approaching train with the cab facing SB also.  I was in too much of a hurry to take a camera photo or even stop and watch.

Anyone know what was going on?

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