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Anyone catch the noon news from KCRA Sacramento Today?

The Highspeed Train group announced today it's gonna cost a "little" more that originally thought. Did I hear correctly  98 billion dollars and won't be completed for 20 years? Supposed to break grond next year unless things change. What caught my eye was 1. This announcement was made at a gathering inside the Cal St RR museum in Sacramento. 2.  The podium and speaker were right in front of the NWP #112! Nice to see the 112 on TV in color, looked like she mighta been laughing alittle bit. Should be on this evenings newscast also on KCRA, Sacramento.

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KCRA will run the story on the 6 PM newscast, I assume the #112 will make an appearance in the story.

Good catch, Bob!  I found the link to the segment on the KCRA website:


Great to see #112 in the news, if only as a prop, and, yes, the mere mention of a $98B price tag will likely kill HSR, given that's $98B more than the state appears able to scrape together for this project.  Regards,


Mark D.


      Good to see someone else enjoyed seeing the NWP 112, although the footage shown in the evening broadcast wasn't what I saw at the noon program. The noon footage had a full front exposure as well as part of the green boiler, tan section, then the silver smokebox.  I truely hope they bag the HSR project, BUT they are saying if it doesn't get built now it's gonna cost more later. They are pushing to get it going so they don't lose some 3 billion bucks from the FEDs, a poor reason it seems.

Bob B.



Let's see..

$98 Billion price tag

-3 Billion from the Feds (borrowed from China I might add)

=95 Billion. I don't think CA has $95 right now. Is this that ballot measure from a few years ago? I didn't like it then, either, and voted against it. I guess it must've passed.

Bob, great to see the 112, even though it's not the subject of the story.



Zachary M. Toler

I forgot about the part regarding borrowing the money from China! Yep this is wht the CA voters approved a couple of year back.

10 4 on seeing the 112, the only thing better would be to see her at Schellville again pulling an excursion!


Bob B.


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