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Any info on the string of hoppers parked at Burdell for the last couple of months?

There's a string of about 22 grain hoppers that's been parked on the Burdell siding for at least the last couple of months. The string began small and kept getting larger, but seems to have stopped at the 22 or so that have been there for quite some time now. I presume they are empties from traffic up to the Petaluma feed customers. I would have thought SMART wouldn't have wanted the Burdell siding used for dead car storage, but they're more in one place than I've ever seen before out on the line.

Anybody have a story to tell about them?

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I don't have any information on why they're there, but I ride SMART three days a week, so I've been riding past them regularly. I like seeing them there.

The track they are on is NWP siding Smart does not use it .

The 20 cars on the South end of Burdell are empty pet-coke pressurized hopper cars in storage, and not grain cars from Petaluma. Occasionally NWP will store a couple loaded cars on the north end of burdell if there is an influx of loaded cars coming to the feed mills in Petaluma. The empty cars haven't been growing but were all brought down from Windsor in mid April after being there for about a year, the 20 will soon duplicate though as more are inbound.

CP is correct.  These cars were the ones sitting on the spur in Windsor for over a year.  I posted a photo of these 20+ cars on that spur over 18 months ago.  There was also one of the Coast Daylight coaches which shows up on our homepage periodically parked on that spur south of the hoppers for a short time but brain-dead vandals forced the owner to have NWP move it to Standard Structures.  May be in restoration mode for the Napa Wine Train now.

As to those hoppers now moved from Windsor and parked at Burdell, in the June NCRA board meeting, the NCRA board rep from Marin County complained to his fellow board members that those were "derelict cars" and that he was receiving complaints about their presence near highway 101.  Duh!

But thankfully someone from SMART stood up to say that they are not derelict, but correctly in storage for future use. 

It is sad how little people elected to manage a railroad, understand the issues involved with railroading.  Because of ignorance of the issues SMART service is at risk of being severely handicapped due to ignorance but that is a post for later.

Richard in Santa Rosa

Update on the hoppers, went by via 101 this morning and the Windsor hoppers are still on the south end of the Burdell spur.  There is also a line of at least 15 additional hoppers (not connected) on the north end of that spur.

Also as noted by by David I, there is also a string of hoppers at the wye.  I could not see from the hiway what motive power was nearby.


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