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Another Slap In the Face to Dirty Harry's Trestle

This bridge is being built on the old ROW. Get out there and take pics of the trestle while you still can. It'll still be there but it's not going to be nearly as photogenic. 

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OK turn it into a bike lane/pedestrian bridge but utilize the drawbridge. So people can get to the shopping center.

they are going to remove a section of the dirty harry bridge to make way for the pedestrian bridge. here is a video

DK that is a great video. Can you believe the owner of the building next to that bridge: you couldn't possibly have imagined anything worse to happen to  his property

I'm guessing if a new railroad bridge is to be built they will have to elevate the ROW now.

T.T. and D.K. Is it true that the rising sun shines through the space between the DH drawbridge's raised tracks

on May 31st, Clint's birthday? Or is it just a Marin myth?

good question. the moon rose between the concrete sides of the channel last night. It was pretty cool!

It is said on a full moon, Clint can be seen talking to an empty chair on the bridge


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