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Lighten up on Farhad Mansourian.  He had nothing to do with the selection of the DMUs, AFAIK.  All those "no turning back" decisions were made by the SMART board of politicians and their first General Manager, Lilian Hames, who reportedly had no experience whatsoever with heavy rail.  Farhad inherited the DMUs with all their bells and whistles and raised entry access that required platforms and gauntlet tracks and so on.  He's done a hell of a lot under really tight budget constraints.  He found the ten year old bridge in Galveston TX that was going to be torched and bought it for scrap prices and got it installed at Haystack on the Petaluma River, saving the system millions of dollars.  He's a get-it-done guy and good people.  They pay him the big bucks to be SMART's "whipping boy" for the public.


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