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I wonder who is paying for the replacement?? That won't be cheap. If it is smart that has to pay for it, how much money do they have left?? How much longer can they go with not operating?
Will be 6 months behind schedule now. Not sure how many businesses that can operate for 6 months with no income.... I know that tickets won't cover operating costs, I'm just making a point.

it's been going around for three weeks that there was a problem with the engines they are mounted at 90* not to spec.

and they are not getting oil from the sump to all the moving parts . Cummins power plant .

i had info from a friend

These are Japanese units.  Surprised to learn that they have Cummins power.

Can "Manchruian" survive this major fiasco?

This is what happens when you try to run fancy DMUs that have not had at least a couple years of operational service... I think for a start up, they should have gone with a tested and trusted setup. But no, they wanted to be a golden rail, fancy, hipster, new thing... they should have gone with a system that has been in place at least a couple years...

I know VIA rail has several RDCs. Probably LY more reliable, but not green...

Each Nippon Sharyo DMU is powered by one Cummins QSK19-R[3] diesel engine with hydraulic transmission and regenerative braking..."

QSK19 for Rail


QSK19 for RailThe QSK19 with Modular Common Rail Fuel System (MCRS) is one of the first engines in the all-new Quantum Series from Cummins with innovative technology that delivers more for less.

The QSK19 with MCRS offers more power, more torque and higher durability, all while achieving lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and less servicing. Life cycle costs are significantly reduced, and with a highly advanced electronic management system, the engine sets unbeatable standards in rail diesel productivity.

Released specifically for the shunting/switching locomotive engine market, the QSK19 with MCRS has been designed with features which include:
  • improved fuel economy
  • 30% improved durability
  • high power and torque
  • lower total life costs of ownership

The benefits of QSK19 with MCRS advanced engineering are apparent on the balance sheet improving on the high standards set by the Cummins K Series 19 liter engine.

Damn, SMART just can't get ANYTHING to work right. As it stands, I wonder if they'll be able to stay afloat long enough to even serve passengers at all. 

SMARTS Facebbok post about the delay has some great comments

I don't give a sxxt about f'book posts as that is a tainted group but appreciate all of your comments posted here on our nwp w-site about the -not so smart- and NWP.  

Michael H. I absolutely agree that as a publicly funded entity SMART should have employed a trusted rail solution in an area that has many skeptics.  Again I ask how long can Manchurian last as the not so smart CEO?


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