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 the lumber operation near Schelleville requested their spur to be put back in service, the NCRA board meeting noted that PG&E was holding that up but it seemed it might be on track for this year.


this co was or is still making pallets that are shipped out by truck now


cal northern used to service them all the time

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Most people I know don't like PG&E for BBQing people in So. San Francisco.  I'd say that politically, PG&E has little voter support in the Bay Area and you can use that to influence your supervisors.

The customer is Sonoma Pacific Lumber Co. I am not sure the main reason their spur was ripped out, but if I am not mistaken the piece of property the spur was on was for sale. That could have been the reason. I guess with restoration of service S.P.L. Co has a restored use for a spur.

To All of you members living in Sonoma County, the New NWP needs your support now!  I don't live in the County but to those of you who do, take the time to write your supervisors: ( and tell them why the NWP will help get trucks off of the hiways and how you believe that the NWP can help solve the traffic problems throughout the county.  You could also include why they need to help NCRA improve the line into Healdsberg and beyond.

At least though let them know that you are a voter and that you  the County needs to support all new requests for infrastructure to support shipments by rail to help decrease the number of trucks on the Sonoma County hiways.


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