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Spencer: you are new here and it seems you don't understand the culture or how the site works.  People post photos, and then people comment.  You have locked-down and/or deleted your much-appreciated photos posted last Thursday.  What would be the purpose of posting photos and then prevent the membership from viewing or commenting on them?  It begs the question, why join this social media website in the first place?

In relation to the comments I posted on Saturday, you say "the assertions you made there were largely incorrect so I decided not to incorporate any of your ideas in my pictures titles or descriptions."  Nobody is asking you to do anything.  Those were thoughtful, and I sincerely believe, helpful comments.  If you find issue with any of them I would hope you would comment back on this forum, spelling out exactly what you believe is incorrect.  Others could chime in with their points of view or better recollections.  I liken this site to a Wiki page of NWP history and current events, where the knowledge base grows organically.

Instead of mature debate, you chose to lock-down your profile and refuse to discuss it via a friend request.  This is a disturbing form of censorship.  What a pity.

I would hope you would reconsider your position on this matter.  We welcome new members, especially members who have the time to add content like photos and videos to the site as you did recently.

And I welcome a healthy discussion of any or all "assertions" you believe are "largely incorrect".

Finally, "friending" on this site merely provides a means for one member to privately message another member through this website.  It can be turned off at any time by either party and members' personal e-mail addresses are never disclosed.  Because you are unwilling to accept the two friending requests I've sent, this discussion is now out in the open instead of privately between us.

Good day to all!

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Spencer:  I have presented my case above, which has nothing to do with friending.  Perhaps you should re-read it.  It's regrettable that you have chosen not to address this matter head-on.  I had hoped to engage you with lively discussion on our favorite railroad.  Again, such a pity.

Happy Holidays!

Can we let the "court of public opinion" (the membership here) decide whether my comments on your photos are correct or not?  You can be the first to rebut anything I said by posting a comment of your own.  I walked that route many times over an 8 year period while the line was still active, so I would be very interested in hearing specifically what you find objectionable.

We can communicate publicly on the forum -- there's no need to be "friends".  So, if I can make a request, please stop dwelling on "friending" -- I was merely seeking a means to communicate with you since you locked down all those photos.

Common sense patience:  you've got it!


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