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I stumbled on a couple items of possible interest related to the '64 flood and thought I'd share them here.  The first is a trailer for the film "High Water Mark: Stories from the '64 Flood," by Jete-Miro Productions and apparently set for release soon.  The trailer is available via the following Facebook page but it appears you needn't be a FB user to view it:

The second item is the "The ’64 Flood 50th Anniversary Gathering" held at Arcata Theatre Lounge this Sunday, December 21st, at 6pm:

The event in Arcata may have little or nothing to do with the NWP but I imagine the railroad will get some recognition, given all that happened to it during and after the flood.  Regards,

Mark D.

P.S.  Apologies if both are old news to everyone but I didn't see previous mention of either.

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