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I am trying to find a NWP Employee Time Table from the 1996 to 1998 era of NWP operations.  Does anyone on here have one that I could get a photo copy of?  Ebay has time tables from the 20's and the 40's, but these are too old for my purposes.  There is a Time Table from the 60's that I am considering bidding on, but I really need one from the era when the NWP ran those great looking "Black Widow" SD9's and "chop-nosed GP9's.


I am buildig a two-tier HO scale NWP model railroad in my garage where "Black Widow" SD'9s will be the highlight of my locomotive fleet.  I would like to get a sense of how the railroad operated and what the standard rules were on the NWP line during this time frame.


Any help would be appreciated.




Trevor McGinnis

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Hi Trevor,

The NWPRRHS does not have an Employee Timetable for the dates you are looking for. My best advice would be to get an Altamont Press Railfan guide for that time period. It would list the stations and lots of general rules.

Most freight trains and the few excursion trains were most likely extras and not timetable listed. The railroad followed SP rules so an SP rule book for the time would give you the operating rules.



Thanks for the reply.  I would really like to get my hands on an actual time table for that time period, but it is just not in the cards for me a this time.  I already have an Altamont Press California Region TImetable 11 from 2000.  It covers the NWP and numerous other railroads in California.  It lists the mile posts and stations, but unfortunately, it does not go into specific operating rules of the railroad.  I figured the trains all ran as extras, but I just wanted some of the minor operational details.  I attended Sonoma State University from 1993 to 1996.  I have several great memories of chasing those GP9's and SD9's in their "Black Widow" paint schemes through Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Petaluma.  I just wish that I had been better prepared and had a camera with me on these runs.  I do have some pretty good shots of these units, but I could have taken so many more if I just had a camera with me.  Besides, who knew at that time that the NWP would stop running these units in 1998 and not have trains run on the line for over a decade?

I even remember seeing some green and white CFNR units on the line prior to the Black Widows showing up in 1996.  But of course, no photographs of these units.

If for some reason you cannot find a time table, Macheans of Iron produced a film back in 2001 that might be of interest to you. It documents almost the entire NWP years of 1995-1999, and does comment a little on how the trains operated, such as the Willits Hauler and Schellville Turn. It also shows a little of how the line, towns and senery looked at anytime of anyone of those years. It shows interchange work between CFNR and the NWP, as well as a little of the CWR. I deffinintly recommend this film Trevor.




Thanks for the pointers on the video.  The good news is, I already own two DVD's depicting the NWP and CFNR operations.  I watch them every couple of months to keep my interest and motivation in my continued progress on my HO model railroad.  I am working on painting, decaling and installing DCC decoders in some older Atheran Blue Box Kits of SD9's that I purchased on ebay.


I took a few months off from working on these units, but recently started working on them again.  I am waiting on some detail parts and miniature bulbs (ditch lights) that I recently ordered from a hobby store on the internet.  I am hopeful that I will be able to successfully install wokring ditch lights and a working roatating beacon using the various FX3 effects on the digitrax decoder I plan to use.  I am also wating on a small speaker to arrive for the sound deoder.

Nice man! I started to kitbash a black widow GP9 when I was like 12 years old, and needless to say, it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. Hand painted, I added probably 3 pounds of weight with the paint and the locomotive came out uneven and "fat" and "bulgy" :D

Good luck!

Im just sticking with patching out locomotives for my P&SR layout, not quite ready for a total kitbash. 

Its called "The Northwestern Pacific, Volume 1", and the trailer can be found on youtube with a quick ''northwestern pacific railroad'' search.

I have an SP timetable effective for 1984 but it has hand written notes from the engineer dated much later. I suspect the NWPRR in the 90s may have just continued to use the SP timetable since they did everything on the cheap.


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