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I'm trying to understand typical operations on the NWP during this time period. Currently I have a scattered sense.

One thing I would like to begin with is understanding Train#75 PSSE. I believe it was a consolidation of train #81 which rain from Eureka to Willits and the Willits to Schellville counter part. 

I can't find information on what PSSE stood for. Can someone help me understand what it was an abbreviation of?

In the early 70's where there 2 manifests leaving Eureka and 2 empties head for Eureka daily?

In addition to the main trains it looks like there was a train called "the Caynon Hauler" and labeled a Hauler which would have differed form a locals called Turns?

I'm assuming that with about 60 shippers on the north end of the line it was the duties of the hauler and other locals to bring carloadings to either Eureka or Willits, possibly also Island Mountain for the mainline trains to pick up?

I think somewhere around the mid 70's the twice daily scheduled trains where consolidated into one #75 that rain through from Eureka to Schellville. When this was consolidated did #75 become responsible for picking up and setting out cars along the route on the north end instead of turns?

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Can anyone shed light on Train #75. What does PSSE stand for?

I've been curious as well.  However, I don't know how helpful I can be.  As per what I can find, PSSE on the Southern Pacific stood for Portland Sunset East, which more or less ran from Portland (Oregon) to Pine Bluff (Arkansas), doing a lot of switching and hauling between other major terminals while in route.  I'm honestly not sure what it would have been doing on the NWP, unless the Roseville-Eureka trains were operated as sections of the PSSE.  Anyway, the PSSE designation disapeared in 1974, replaced by the EUWCY.  Somewhere in here the NWP trains became the ERRVY/RVERY.  I'm afraid I can't help you right now with your train number question, but if I find anything that might help I'll be sure to pass it along. 

Jeff Moore

Elko, NV

Train PSSE #75 is described in detail on pages 296-297 of Angelo Figone's new book: The Northwestern Pacific Railroad - Lifeline of the Redwood Empire Boom and Bust 1951-2001.  In a nutshell, PSSE #75 provided expedited daily service of forest products out of Eureka with prioritized routing through SP subsidiary Cotton Belt's symbol train "PSSE" (Portland Sunset South East.)


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