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I received this pdf from Ray Long, of what are likely to be Ted Wurm photos taken during a 1937 enthusiasts excursion over the P&SR. Any clues as to the geographic locations of these photos would be much appreciated.

P&SR Excursion, 78 years later

Please reply here and/or directly to Ray, at Raphael Long


Harry Marnell

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I tried clicking both links, and neither of them had the pictures load. I'm interested in lookin' at 'em!

Well aren't you just the coolest kid on the block!

I figured it out how to get them to load. Those are sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Harry, you may wish to share the document with John Schmale, a member of this network, since he "wrote the book" recently on the P&SR, and thank you for posting it here!  Regards,

Mark D.

Wow. Thanks for posting. A couple of them look somewhat familiar since I attempted to explore most of the line for a time. The picture on the bottom of page 3 is the Two Rocks depot. The pictures on page 4 look like the area east of Two Rocks.The picture on the bottom of page 7 looks like the grade crossing on the Blank Rd south of Hessel.

The west side of Sebastopol and even going out to two rock. This is the first time i have seen any activity on these locations. Locations that i know off hand are Between Meecham rd and Petaluma. There is another that is just past the pencil factory about a 1/2 mile or so, and the remaining places i know how to get but the names escape me. There is also a video that shows clips of this excursion on this website.

Robert ellison railroad excursions video on page 18.


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